Fiona is an Electrical and Mechanical Design Engineer, and gets day release from her employer to teach courses at WOMEN’STEC.  Fiona is a great role model for young women, providing an insight into her work role within the construction industry. 

Fiona comments, “I had an interest in physics at an early age and I always found STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) very stimulating.  I have found working within the construction industry very rewarding – I get immense satisfaction from completing a job and handing it over knowing that the work is of a high standard and designed well. 

The construction industry provides a great option to be self-employed by attracting a good wage while suiting your personal needs.  Many construction and engineering companies offer flexible working arrangements, and training in one area can lead to so many other outlets and can take you across the world if you have a mind for travelling.  

I would definitely encourage girls to consider a career in engineering and to look into apprenticeship opportunities!

Working as an Electrical & Mechanical Design Engineer is #notjustforboys, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for the subject through my involvement with WOMEN’STEC.