JP Corry
Trade Centre Assistant

I’m Rose Todd and I work as a Trade Centre Assistant at JP Corry in Belfast. My day consists of serving customers, putting stock away, and working with building products.

At school I studied GCSEs, A-Levels and went on to study broadcast journalism. I’ve always been a people person and outgoing. I feel a lot of the skills I gained through broadcast journalism were transferable into the building trade as I enjoy working with the public. I saw an advert for a job in JP Corry and I felt it would be an exciting new challenge. I was thrilled when I got the job!

At first, coming into the building game was slightly daunting as a big percentage of the staff are male especially in the trade centre and yard. I feel like I was welcomed and made to feel part of the team; everyone was very helpful, understanding and willing to help. I feel like I’m just another member of the team and treated as an equal.

There are many exciting aspects to the building industry. There are so many different products and it’s very interesting learning about them, and you get a sense of achievement. Every day is different with different challenges and things to learn. I work closely with my two work colleagues who have many years’ experience in the industry and I learn a lot from them and hope to be as knowledgeable and experienced some day.

It’s a very rewarding career choice. I gain more experience and knowledge every day I go into work. One of the main highlights for me is working with the public, and building a relationship with our customers and giving them the best possible service.

If I was giving advice to others, I’d say, “Learn the basics like Maths and English, and have a good base to start from. When it comes to deciding a career path I would say to have an open mind and be brave. I would advise to think outside the box as you might end up enjoying a career/job that you didn’t initially pick or think of. Go in with an open mind, and give it a try. Don’t let a male dominated environment put you off, as my experience has been very positive.”